6 Main Reasons For Buying Property In Alanya

6 Reasons to purchase property in Alanya

By now, thousands of foreign nationals have purchased property in Alanya on Turkey’s southern coast. The list of arguments for choosing this Mediterranen paradise, is endless. However, these are the 6 main reasons why foreigners love to buy property in Alanya:

  1. The climate. 330 Days of sunshine in Alanya! This means long summers, mild winters…no further explanation required!
  2. The many things to see and do. There is so much to see and do in this area, it’s hard to have a dull moment. Everywhere you stumble upon traces of major civilisations in history. You are surrounded by the most beautiful treasures of Mother Nature. And no-one can say there is a lack of activities: from sports to sunbading, from hiking in the mountains to paragliding and from cooking classes till dancing lessons…..It’s all available.
  3. Property prices. Quality houses are still affordable compared to European property. Plus Alanya has the status as popular tourist destination and it’s developing fast. In short: here we have the perfect recipe for aattractive return on investment.
  4. Low Cost of living. Just like everywhere else, also in Alanya prices are rising steadily. But daily living costs (like food, water, electricity) are still very affordable.
  5. The purchase process is generally quick and uncomplicated. Anyone who gets involved with a reliable real estate agent, will experience a smooth purchase process. Procedures to purchase property may vary in every country. Also in Turkey the buying and selling process can be different from what you know. Therefore always consult a well-known realtor to guide you.
  6. The lifestyle and the people. We already said that thousands of foreigners purchased a home in Alanya. But did you know that many of them also decided to move here to live all year round? They all say they fell in love with the ‘comfortable pace of life’ and the ‘friendliness of the Turkish people’.
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