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Our real estate office is active in the region of Alanya. Alanya is an average sized town, situated on the southwest coast of Turkey.

More than twelve years ago, we, the Turkish and Dutch owners of Property Network, have chosen to live here. And according to us, Alanya is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts along the Mediterranean Sea.

Turkish Riviera

Alanya is part of an area that by some is called Turkish Riviera. The word Riviera comes from the Latin word riparius, which means shore/seacoast. It usually refers to places with beautiful beaches and fashionable seaside resorts.

Anyway, what we mean is that Alanya is fantastically located. And moreover: the sun shines almost every day of the year! This mild, sunny climate is of course one of the main reasons why Alanya has become a popular destination for foreigners to purchase a (second) home.

There is more…

But there is more. Much more that makes an investment in property or land in this area more than worthwhile. For example: the many entertainment opportunities for all ages, the amazing nature and the wonderful Mediterranean kitchen….What you think about all the cultural and historical assets? And let’s also not forget the modern facilities like well-equipped hospitals and quality schools…

Alanya is never boring

In short: Alanya is never boring. As property Network our most important goal is to convince people of this fact. After that – we know from our own experience –  it’s just a small step to purchase a (holiday) home!

To find out exactly what we mean, please read the article below.

7 Reasons why you should consider buying property in Alanya



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